Ending the Great Islamic War of the Third Millennium, and Reforming its Cause for Eternity’s Sake: An Existential Matter for Current Civilization

June-August, 2014

by Jesse W. Collins II


These essays, of which this one is the first of several, do what those having paid leadership responsibilities in a republic-styled managed country, emphasizing America in this example, should have done. It identifies without ambiguity and then plans a strategic response against and through its implementation destruction of not just the current physical, but also ideo-methodological manifestation of an enemy that has, without qualification, expressed its intent — through declaration and initiation of acts of war, to include multiple murders of our citizenry and our representatives — to annihilate us.

“What or which enemy, though?” In the summer of 2014, they seem to be everywhere. One stands out to me, however, because I have believed, for a while, that it has risen to an existential response-deserving level. That is, the fairly immediate survival, not just of our lifestyle and ideology regarding freedom are at stake, but so, too, are our lives. In this essay, I write and refer to this contest. First, some facts pertaining to currency.

In response to an attack on America’s mainland at the beginning of the twenty-first century, it, in alliance with other and predominantly Western nations, struck back against what was believed to be both the enemy force and its harbors. Despite wide ranging dissertations regarding the essence of what we were up against, the preponderance of that opinion agreed that the force against which we were at war was named Al Qaeda, and the supporting harbors to which we could and would respond were Afghanistan and Iraq. There was debate, though, about that.

The leaders of the adversarial force hid out in the mountains between Afghanistan and neighboring Pakistan, while elements of the group formed in Iraq as opposition to us and the post-Baathist government we installed. It, then, hanged the former governing group’s leader, Saddam Hussein.

We fought in those countries for over a decade. But saying that things had become stabilized, we withdrew our fighters from Iraq in 2011. In May, we also killed one of the identified enemy’s leaders where he was found in Pakistan. Shortly thereafter, Al Qaeda was declared by us to have been mostly defeated. However, elements of it soon demonstrated apparent resilience by attacking one of our State Department’s consulates in another country, Libya, suggesting to some of our debaters that our, again, primary agreed enemy, Al Qaeda, might not be defeated/deceased after all.

During that history, we were advised by our own leaders that our warring efforts were not directed against the religion to which the Al Qaedians belonged. Its name was Islam. And although the adversaries we fought claimed to represent the REAL Islam, and that their theology underpinned both their methods and raison d’etre, we said they did not. We were assured repeatedly by both our government and academia, each presenting its information, advice and debate from and so-called apologist-oriented leaderships, that the enemy, in this representation still al Qaeda types, were only overwrought hijackers of that otherwise non-threatening group, also religion, political system, culture and civilization. Islam, itself, was not our enemy and we were in no way at war with it, nor with any legitimate part thereof.

During that U.S. Military engagement in Iraq, several groups with different names are said to have morphed out of Al Qaeda. One, nicknamed with the acronym ISIS, got its start in that opposition in Iraq, and then emigrated into Syria, helping out there with the rebelling side of the ongoing civil war. Shortening its name to “IS,” ISIS, and then depending on with whom one is speaking, “ISIL,” would come back to Iraq conquering much of its northwestern and western territory and peoples.

We then said that despite our recent military involvement in Iraq at the beginning of the twenty-first century, we would not engage militarily there at this time, despite expressions of despair that we seemed to have lost our investment there, which included American lives and capital, and apparent and so-called prestige. Our citizenry is war weary, we have been told.

The enemy today? Another civilization, Islam, has been and still is struggling with its own reformation, which struggle rolls over its boundaries and into our own, causing much debate, confusion, disparity, adaptation, and harm, to include prospective and actual dissolution of liberty and life. Within that reform effort, one component attempts to integrate peacefully and integratively within itself and with the other civilizations comprising the Global, to include us, America. Another element of the referenced reformation postures antagonistically with the world outside of itself, again, including us, and then attempts to conquer it, which aggressiveness  dramatically influences the reform process itself. The outsiders fight back, which interactions, too, influence the reformation.

Islam’s incompleted reform effort, supported by its original formation and long history of its application, creates dichotomy in its appearance of reality for those interacting with it. That is to mean, simultaneously when appraising/apprising Islam, we see two personas/realities: an offering of peace, love, aspirations for reasonableness, and invitation to become one with it; and the horror of heinously imposed death, or sometimes thought-to-be worse, subjugation, if we decline. That trauma-causing, because of its conflicting duality — seeing and being confronted by two and opposing things at the same time — or contradicting realities in this presentation/interactive, causes equally dichotomous responses in not just individual targets, but in collective ones, for example, civilizations.

The latter manifests when some members see only one horn of the interactive, the peace and love, and assign their hopes for ongoing advancement or just survival of themselves on that interpretation. Other  members see primarily the looming and in many cases already occurring destruction. Regrettably, for those on this side of this psychic twin-horned-bull-fighting-like experience, the two-pronged interactive adversely impacts upon our own capacities to manage ourselves, and to particularly emphasize our defensive responses needed to survive the onslaught. We fight amongst ourselves, some even supporting a path to pending doom; while others exclaim with all heart and intellect against the prospective catastrophe.  That is the nature of the both psychological and management condition usually attending perpetrator-caused individual and systemic trauma.

Those anti-reform members of Islam who use any means to exploit that perpetrator-to-target/-victim traumatic condition for advancing their cause — the resurrection of the original Islam through repeal of that twentieth century reformation — comprise the enemy referenced at the beginning of this preface. Where the anti-reform method has been applied since Mustafa Kemal’s, Ataturk’s, 1923 initiation of this current Islamic Western-accommodating management approach, counter-reform is achieving today in the year 2014 its greatest ascendency to date. It threatens, through adroit application of terror and now set piece methods, and guerrilla applications predictably to be forthcoming here, to impose the capacity and conditions for holocaust upon the United States of America.  Ironically, it is its perception of invulnerability that makes it, in this case to the Islamist guerrilla strategist/fighter, so otherwise very vulnerable to the prospective existential-level disaster, at least for us. To avoid that prospective horror, but to what our enemy would be a state of euphoria, I’ve made the recommendations and provided the supporting analysis contained herein.

Isolationism’s Ending, Again

I hope, America, that you enjoyed your several years respite ─ or at least the notion of and hope for such a break from the stress-inducing sacrifice-attending management of the world’s affairs. The R and R (rest and recuperation for combatants, whether real, just anticipated, or even if wholly illusory for some) from that war weariness is, however and unfortunately, over.

So let’s get with it.

Strategic Operation Plan

Before considering why, which occurs in the section of this essay headlined as “Theory,” America should and probably will by the end of 2014, if not a little sooner, continue the rigors of fighting for its survival by ─ in this recommendation and because I believe that it has no alternative but to come to pass ─ implementing the following.

Phase One: Component A

Formally declare war on, and in so doing define for such purposes, the enemy as Islamism. It is the force that is attempting to reverse the reformation of Islam at its core begun at the end of the Ottoman’s dissolution in 1923. In the West, that force, now enemy of the West, to particularly include America, and actually most living things existing outside of Islam, has sometimes been called “Radical Islam,” “Extremism,” or “Terrorism.” We’ve also fought it under individual banners such as Al Qaeda and the Brothers (Muslim Brotherhood), albeit the latter now serve as advisers to the current administration, and we were told, before the last presidential election, and no matter Benghazi a couple of weeks later, that the former (Islamism, in the representation of al Qaeda) was already defeated. All the while others, Israel to take one example, fight another of its manifestations, Hamas, for us. In that declaration, equally formally distinguish Islamism from Islam, in the process and simultaneously imposing and contributing to the beginnings of the latter’s both perpetual and perdurable reformation by extinguishing the former, or if we should fail, to advance its supremacy vis-à-vis the planet’s governance into submission.

Because of the great stakes and thus danger inherent to this specific and special mission, that is, our fighting force will be surrounded by both actual and prospective enemy, deploy only special volunteers, those who want to join this effort and from within the designated military and otherwise in this generation already volunteer-staffed institutions. If insufficient to perform a unit’s duties, it should be excused with respect from the assignment. Because these noted here have honored our country not just in fighting for freedom as we have been privileged to enjoy it, but even defining how to fight so honorably, they symbolize that which uplifts during overwhelming times. We now and are going to shortly need some more uplifting.

The most in-depth studies of the American combatant show that, generally speaking, the great preponderance, say seventy-five percent, identify with the ontological qualities of individuals comprising the opposition such that they don’t like to hurt/kill them, much of the time. To that end, again, only twenty-five percent of combatants are said to have even fired their weapons during the Second World War’s campaigns. In other words, we apparently have some serious cream puffs who, at least according to those reviews of American fighters, project their own experiences of life as respect for individual and so-called human existences and then so forth onto the enemy, and they do that while waging their best at war. At least that idea is suggested to be the rationale behind historic peoples of, or caught in, conflict trying to make it to American-controlled sectors, rather than alternative ones; to take one example, an opposition’s constituency’s aspiring to reach areas in Europe controlled by Americans as opposed to Russians at the end of WWII.

And no matter the appearance of disparagement in the name, those “cream puffs” ─ American fighters who don’t want to obliterate other human beings at particular moments during conflict ─ can have a positive effect on overall group fighting dynamics. That is, the cream puff trait produces discernment of conscience; which results in lesser amounts of killing of those not warranting it or otherwise having to be so sent off, and particularly in populated areas where the most cowardly of enemy fighters hide out amongst innocents. That hiding-out within the population makes for difficult fighting, but a kind that Americans have adapted well to in most conflicts, and except in rare circumstances where they might have been led by leaders who’d lost it: to mean the built-in capacity for conscientious discernment of who has to go and not while doing battle. It is both a wonderful and admirable quality ─ thus, thanks be to the cream puff found periodically in many, or probably most, of us ─ that makes training of future American combatants and then going into conflict with them, as a rule, easier, not to mention, a privilege.

In this return to Iraq for the third (and likely not last) go, then, suspend “proportionate response” and other intellectual combat daintiness doctrines that when implemented from the top, hamstring the missions with political absurdities, and would particularly do so in this instance. This war is against a ─ Rising-Sun-styled-Nanking-decapitating, Bataan-Death-Marching, GULAG-life-crushing, Nazi-incinerating-of-the-disliked, and 1401AD Bagdad-Tamerlane-skull-minaret-stacking group of mentals who’ve made no secret of their intent to raise their flag in the Great Satan’s home, or maybe only also New York City, just as did the British after burning the whole town to the ground in 1814, coincidentally unrecognized in this month’s bi-centennial anniversary on August, 22, 2014.

Conduct the beginnings of this twenty-first century war to reform Islam, then, accordingly. Replace current hierarchically- and micro-imposed messianic management rules of engagement with discretion-in-the-ranks-based “Old-Breed”-Marine and Patton-led-Third-Army infused determination underpinned by controlled, to mean Guadalcanal-, Tarawa-, Normandy-, The Bulge-, Iwo Jima-, and Gettysburg-battle-fighting-styled, visceralness, so that these counter-reform Islamists can be properly dispatched, as in taken military prisoner or killed, where necessary and with the lesser restrained but mostly good discretion of the American fighting character on the scene.

Do not seek, invite or allow coalition-styled arrangements or support. Do it on our own, at least during this first phase of the war. And by law, don’t let the Commander in Chief or any of its other civilian employees be seen playing golf or otherwise partying once this battle is joined. Suspend managerial frivolity for a little while, until this thing is over for the first time, at least.

Within those conditions, send the following seven units, whose names have great symbolic value for these times, into this battle as recommended here.

Of seven, deploy two groups simultaneously, the 101st Airborne Division into the northwest corner of Iraq, and Marine amphibious landing force (ALF) from the eastern Mediterranean at southwestern Turkey and northwestern Syria. Mission the Marines to move east to converge with the 101st. Task  it to seal that segment of the Iraq border with Syria, using an Army reserve unit to do the same for the deep southern flank, precluding it from being turned by any opposing force coming from the east, southeast, southwest or south. Although at first surrounded, as the 101st was at Bastogne in the winter of 1944-45 by an also formidable enemy, and likely here to, as well as then, lose many of its men and now apparently some women, that magnificent group of United States soldiers’ initial and twofold mission must be to

  1. Destroy any and all enemy that attack and threaten the 101st in the area starting at its western perimeter’s boundary and culminating either at Aleppo (northern Syria) or as it converges with the Marines driving east from the Mediterranean.
  2. Secure the 101st’s southern flank, simultaneously extirpating recently invading enemy combatants from the areas now positioned along the Syria/Iraq border, with our nation’s best 101st -supporting reserve ground unit.
  3. Build and defend a secure zone within the 101st’s perimeter that supports the landing of an Expeditionary Force comprised jointly of at least one United States Marine Division and one Army Ranger Regiment, each attended by its own air mobile, armored and artillery units, and supported by United States Air Force, Navy and Marine air fixed-wing, rocket, laser and all available related power.

As they begin to arrive in combat-ready components, these third and fourth units of the Expeditionary Force, again all volunteers for this especially dangerous mission, should simultaneously deploy the Marine division; first and in two regiments, Marine Force Alpha northeast to and easterly along the Turkish-Iraq border, and at the same time Marine Force Bravo directly east to Kurdistan and, then second, upon securing Mosul/Erbil, proceed along the Tigress south to Bagdad. Order the Rangers to advance southeast along the Euphrates to Bagdad, where they will link with the south-driving Marine Force Bravo.  Tell the Iranians to stay home until we are done destroying the referenced Islamist-declared caliph’s force. Establish with air power or its threat a corridor that protects the Marines’ eastern flank as they drive south.

As the 101st touches down with its first wave, drop the 173rd Airborne from Italy into northern Iraqi Kurdistan and along the border with Turkey. When Marine Force Alpha, moving east from its start, links with the 173rd, drive the combined regiments in parallel and on line south toward Mosul Dam and Erbil, securing the area to the Iraq/Iran border.

Three days prior to the 101st’s insertion, amphibiously land at Basra a substantial component of “America’s Armored Corps” from Fort Hood, Texas. Drive north and west, in a hurry, and close the region on a line established one hundred miles south of Bagdad, and connecting a defensive blocking force starting at the Iranian / Iraqi border and extending to the reserve unit protecting the 101st Airborne’s southern perimeter.

Moving with attendant speed and parallel precision interaction and with intent to merge, the Marine Force Bravo and Rangers should search out and destroy every element of the Islamist group currently invading the region understood to be Northern Iraq and Kurdistan. Chase, hunt-down and destroy any enemy that flee in any direction, and no matter what sanctuaries outside that region they may seek, so that no remnants of this faction of Islam exist in this area, for this moment. Marine Force Alpha and the 173rd serve as a blocking instrument for any enemy attempting to flee north through Kurdish territory. As the two units, Marine Alpha and 173rd, move south to intersect with Marine Force Bravo as it reaches Mosul, their combined missions change to become the same as Marine Bravo and Ranger units: search out and destroy all elements of the invading Islamist organization which are standing and fighting, hiding, or attempting to flee north.

Once Marine Bravo and Ranger units have turned south from Mosul and Erbil, launch regiments from the eastern perimeter of the 101st and reserve units on the southern flank into Marine and Ranger-like parallel line search and destroy operations, expunging any/all elements of the invading Islamist enemy who were either fleeing US Marine/Ranger forces or otherwise attempting to control the region’s population.

On the day the Marine amphibious landing force, 101st and 173rd launch, respectively, into western Syria (from the Mediterranean), northwestern Iraq and northern Kurdistan, send by air multiple teams of SEALS, Army Special Forces, Marine, and Air Force to locate and destroy the individual and his administration ─ whether sitting in the shade of a tree on the bank of the Euphrates or squatting against a villager’s hut somewhere in northern Syria ─ who’ve declared this Islamist version of Islam to be its Caliphate. If appropriate, send him off to meet with Bin Laden, but not by an honored Islamic burial at sea.

Send prisoners taken by all American forces to and leave them with the Kurdish Peshmerga. And, recognize that group of Earth Citizens as an independent nation, and particularly separate from Iraq.

When missions are completed, collapse the units to extraction points, and bring all ─ the 101st, Reserve, Marine, Ranger, 173rd,  and America’s Armored Corps ─ units, to include their wounded and dead, home.

Phase One: Component B; Manage for Prospective Worst Case, NOT to Maintain the Historic Narrative regarding Invulnerability

At the same time the 101st touches down in northwestern Iraq as, and after having made the necessary legal changes to support the action, launch the 82nd Airborne to secure the internal United States of America from Islamist cells already harbored here, and any which may attempt to enter the US on its southern border, and block return of Islamist veterans holding American passports. Where already returned, hunt them down, treating them as the enemy they have declared themselves to be. Using intelligence and other appropriate resources from the department of Homeland Security, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Central Intelligence Agency, and Department of Justice, arrest for military trial, and where applicable, imprisonment, those surviving hostiles targeting this country for extinction. Simultaneously, seal America’s borders from illegal entry and fleeing Islamist cell members, and make public intelligence related to prospective threat to local citizenry ─ so that they may defend themselves.

Prepare against application for show of guerrilla tactics at border crossings. Use the National Guard as the border sealant. Place Airborne as reserve response teams with air assault ground and helicopter gunship capacity locused two hours or one hundred thirty miles behind the lines (north) and at border crossings. Be capable of responding southerly to intercept guerrilla-symbolizing  vehicles (for example, high speed desert tan colored pickup trucks decorated with black flags and driven by masked drivers) with automatic cannons mounted in the beds. Expect such rapid suicide penetrations immediately, within seconds, following any car bomb decimation of crossing facilities. If occurring as described here, take those getting through the crossings and Guardsmen with Airborne. The section below entitled “Theory” provides rationale for the address of guerrilla war threats or prospects defensively considered here.

Following completion of the 82nd’s internal security mission, transfer all HS personnel to provide border security, FBI and Department of Justice services; and terminate HS as an element of the federal government.

While we are at war, do the following as support for Phase One

  • Arrest and try for treason any citizen who gives aid and comfort to the enemy, or in any other way violates applicable U.S. law.
  • During the operation, require complete sobriety by ALL federal management employees, particularly the CiC (Commander in Chief) and top echelons of that management constituency in the Executive Branch of the Federal Government.
  • To maintain that sobriety’s intellectual influence, drug screen from the CIC down for Cannibus, cocaine, methamphetamine, alcohol, heroin, and prescription-ordered comforting (for stress) psychotropics. During battle, stress (the natural HAPA response to bad things) is good. It (the HAPA response/stress) influences/strengthens the brain/mind to address matters it otherwise might not, which is the best defense against asymetrically-/guerrilla-imposed combat strategies.
  • Fire FBI executives who, instead of resigning in protest, ordered and implemented the intellectual minimization of Islamist threat to the homeland, and who expunged non apologist dissertations regarding Islam from agency personnel training. 
  • Send every member in the UN a bill for complete war expense for each’s prorata share of the financial burden, which “complete expense” shall include the present value of lifetime base-line pensions and medical care for everyone involved in this effort.

If Phase One is unsuccessful, dig in on the border from the Texas Rio Grande Valley to the crossing at San Diego, California, develop defenses against the tunnels, rockets, hordes and nukes to come; and try to stay friends with Canada. Although in the beginning she probably won’t see it the same, her existential interests in survival will be. If on the other hand Phase One is successful, then rest, recover and Etiotropically resolve the psychological trauma incurred from our injuries, wounds and losses; and receive gratitude, meditation, prayer and celebration of appreciation from and for ourselves. Don’t expect it, though, at least in the short term, to come from anyone else.

Then, prepare for Phase Two.

Alternative Plans?

Can we avoid this battle with a massive continuous, say, for example, “two hundred sorties per day-through-night” high velocity air campaign? That would be nice; and I wish for it to be so, as am sure and have even heard retired Air Force generals, and such, say as much. But no; we can’t avoid it that way, i.e., with air power only, or by targeting mainly this enemy’s command and control “centers,” or by arming the Kurds and suiting them up for this kind of fight, or by trying to get the remnants of the Iraqi Army to show up, or uniting the contiguous, or by changing our policy regarding Iran, Syria, Turkey, and Jordan, or Bangladesh, nor addressing Iraq’s most recent political crisis, or solving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, or strengthening the Ukraine against Russian Rebel antagonists, and all that. These folks identified as Caliph-managed and Allah’s-ordained leadership on earth, are coming at us and it’s, during this beginning of the twenty-first century, live or die time for one side or the other.

Now, if you want to ensure that they come to America even faster than the lightening swift pickup truck speeds they have been enjoying, then follow the recommendations attending the current hysterical guesswork presented by our Pentagon, Joint Chiefs, congressmen, media military consultants and other politicals in charge who, in mass, are recommending that we arm the locals, establish a coalition amongst the current and surrounding Islamic governments, combine them with our air power and other fancy armaments for taking on this new and wild group of caliph-led Islamists, and above all stay calm — do not over-react to slaughtering. But know then, America, that in your nearly two and one half century existence, you are risking more than you probably ever thought possible, as these folks you are up against this time have read that book. They have a new plan that will gobble yours up and in the process send your constituency off into history, regrettably for you/us, however, written by them.

If that, your recommended, coalition, which would rely upon Islamic soldiers, should collapse under some feat of force from the Islamists, akin to the way their opposition just folded in northern Iraq, and as we speak are changing sides in northern Syria, then that collapse will be like pouring aviation fuel on this circumstance, spreading Islamism through the ranks of the IOC, whether Shia or Sunni, so fast that when you wake up to Good Morning America the next day, there’ll be a whole new U.S.-alone-against-the-new-Islamism-instead-of-Islam battle line stretching from the Mediterranean to Yemen across Africa up through the Ottoman into the Stans underneath Russia and east to our current president’s old childhood home state of Indonesia. By the afternoon of the same day, Rick Perry will be taking mortar fire along with automatic weapon incoming on this side of the Rio Grande as he serpentines all the way back up to San Antonio, turning Interstate Highway10 into the new and adjusted international boundary between us and this now likely to expand more rapidly, and not to mention little more non-secularly-invigorated, Third World.

Although speaking hyperbolically in this reference to the parallel southern border management matter, its sieve being studied by Washington legalese adherents for application into the DOD’s, DHS’s, federal WH executives’ morning breakfast presentation of the National Threat Matrix, does present as something by anti-current-names-unknown, but identified as prospectively extreme, that should at least be noted by calming-down-stratagem-employing-government-immigration legal experts. That is to mean, “Show us a REAL threat.” the terrified white collars at the Department of Defense and White House have said. “Not that sensational actual-act-of-war stuff on reality TV or YouTube. Any REAL threat will do. And, then we’ll take action. If that should somehow come to pass, we could demonstrate, to somebody who might be investigating all this down the road, that we gave a heads up by linking Islamism/Islam warring rollover stressors to our border management by calling our plan, maybe, ‘ISIS Containment at I-10’.”


“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of
thinking we used when we created them.

Albert Einstein

Dismounted from Traveler and conferring with James Longstreet, the second in command, Robert E. Lee raised his arm, made a fist, and while pointing with both straight to the small hill just south of the town of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, said “I am going there.”  Picket’s and Pettigrew’s charges followed. And thanks only to the few remaining soldiers from the Union’s Philadelphia, New York, Delaware and New Jersey units shooting point-blank the North Carolinians, Tennesseans, and  the otherwise dwindling but also valiant Rebs from Mississippi as they climbed over the final rail fence paralleling Emmitsburg Road, and separating the combatants by only forty yards — less for some — the United States of America continued to stand.

Abu Baghdadi, Islam’s new, or at least Islamist-based, caliph has pointed to America and said “I am going there.”

He shouldn’t have a prayer, some still in shock and dismay from, that is traumatized by, the destruction of the American-trained, -armed, and -supplied Iraqi Army and beheadings of non-converting Christian babies and their mothers, would argue. Except that he just took that region, Army and control of that population with a small fleet of, albeit high speed on the asphalt-paved main roads, desert tan-colored pickup trucks, with rapid fire Bazookas mounted in the back. And all the while doing that, he is standing in the combat zone, calmly, albeit probably enthusiastically, pointing to and at America which is even separated from him by the Mediterranean Sea and entire Atlantic Ocean, both of which are well protected by the United States Navy and Air Force, and saying again, as in repeatedly with conviction to his Band of Believers, “I’m going there.”

Well, speaking of pointing to points, what is it with their thing about America and bringing their war for the hearts and minds of Islam’s members here? Are they still mad just because we’re aligned with Israel, or are they upset as was said Bin Laden at the bombings by the West’s planes during the Lebanese Civil War,  or are they antagonistic because we are grabbing up all of Allah’s oil, or because our folks are having too much decadent fun while sinning, or because we just don’t understand who they really are as Muslims and love them unconditionally for it, or because we are oppressing American Muslims by not recognizing their feelings of embarrassment regarding other Muslim sects’ more violent activities, or maybe is it that we fail to acknowledge their deity’s superiority over all things USA, or because our managements that don’t do the kow-tow to their beliefs are unattractively arrogant, nor is it about multiculturalism in the West, or the decline of Judeo Christian values, or is it because like the first Islamic millennium’s Arabian Pagans, Jews, Ottoman, Andalusian, Balkins, southern Russian, and north African Christians, and India Buddhist and Hindi’s, we haven’t surrendered to Allah fast enough?


Or worse, is it because waging a protracted, to mean like nine-month-long-before-we-can-kill-them-all, terror-based, guerrilla-styled, Christian-baby-slaughtering, shoppers mall-attacking, sporting-event-blowing-up, intellectual celebrity and leadership-murdering, suitcase nuke contaminating, suicide-/homicide-nail-and-ball-bearing-vest-wearing bomber type’s battle plan and execution will just interrupt our domestic tranquility by killing our citizenry and keeping them on their toes, or by making them super fearful of going to the park or movie theater, or maybe even out to dinner?

For emphasis, AGAIN, NO! It is more than all of that together.

Application of heinous acts of terror and a well-executed Islamist-guerrilla war waged here will unite the worldwide and otherwise at its heart fairly passive, billion-plus strong and once reforming Islamic Ummah under this current, no matter it is only self-ordained, and serving-Allah’s-Will-through-conquering, and counter-reform-minded Caliphate. And it has lofty plans. Finish the fourteen hundred year Sunnah initiated and instructed mission for making the world right for Allah. Along the way, exterminate Dar Al Harb. Us.

This psychological approach to invasive takeover politics, and all plans connected to similar kinds of aggression from say Hezbollah, Hamas, al Qud and other Islamist attack cells in America draw from a central theory of power: control target populations by simply sending them into individual and collective traumatic shock; and then manipulate their trauma-encumbered capacities to make decisions. And these Islamists, anti Islam reformers, have engendered competition not just to do that, but doing it in time to wear the mantle of, meaning to be the one perceived by their Ummah as, Allah’s favored destroyer/conqueror.  As ISIS/ISIL/IS, though, shouts that it is coming soon to America, it has to not only get in line behind the long established Hezbollahs and such which otherwise are controlled by Iran, and who have been waiting patiently for the go ahead to begin their carnage-implementing model, but in contest with Al Qaeda. It’s been here awhile, too, and now has begun in the same summer of acceleration its most recent Lone Coyote program. Al Qaeda has ordered through its globally available outreach single Islamist hystericals to begin hitting targets in what it sees as the Great Satan’s heartland: Las Vegas and New York City. The goal of the expediency? Capture the Ummah’s view of most favored destroyer-for-Allah status by being the ONE who took it to America.

Guerrilla fighters anywhere, and in this instance, Islamists, can achieve that success by winning some battles, and if not going that far, ambushing a counter force, conquering some territory for a while, blowing up kaffirs, even taking the heads of children and their non-threateningly extra-religiously passive mothers and fathers, heinously murdering good, dedicated, upstanding and unharmed journalists on TV, and waging guerrilla/terrorism warfare on the generally undefended: shoppers and church-goers. Through and because of all that positiveness, done hopefully for them deep in the heart of the targeted homeland, they feel obligated to turn it into Allah’s property. And according to Sayyid Qutb, they thought it was Allah’s anyway, as It owns everything, particularly if some Muslims’, or their unfortunate targets’, blood is shed in His name on or into the referenced ground.

The resulting individual and systemic psychological condition that attends those applications serves two strategic purposes. One is to interrupt the targeted populace’s decision making in a manner that turns its Will against itself. The other is to strengthen the dedication, focus, and determination of its already committed to adhere to the leadership’s directions, sending the entire controlled-but-always-easily-combustably-flammable-and-in-this-instance-Islamist force into a higher plain of psychic hysterical contribution to the cause.

In the first reference, the use of horrific applications guarantees three notably primary thought/behavioral responses. The targeted polity’s members either

  1. hide out psychologically: to mean administering head in the sand, legal-based avowednesses to bring the individual perps — not the responsible organization — to justice, and inevitable acceptance through diplomacy of the new bosses. This element of the attacked constituency is neutralized as prospective adversaries.
  2. fight back.
  3. Support the perpetrators — Stockholm Syndrome. This component undermines the efforts of those (in number two) who would resist the invasion.

So when an infant is decapitated, and it and its father’s and mother’s heads are put on their home yard’s fence posts, or the family is buried alive without any carnage, or a journalist’s is slaughtered for video publication, the doer may be rallying a few opposition to fight against him, but mostly is stunning the population as a whole into non functionality, and assuring that there will be plenty of helpers in the target area to stymie, if not retard altogether the fighting force that otherwise would assemble in order to thwart regular invasions, for example, those that would be about fixing national boundaries, or capturing/collecting/stealing valuables like natural resources, jewelry, livestock, and women.

The second referenced purpose of the use of horror is actually the most important to the non-secular terror-based management methods. The highly disturbing, for normals, acts strengthen the basic individual and collective perpetrator psycho-pathologies that drive the force. It is derived from the experience of positive reinforcement of heinous psychopathic aggression otherwise mistakenly projected through the innocence-destroying act(s) on to the interpreted-to-be-Will-of its deity, in this case, Allah’s. But as it wasn’t the secularly-defined Marx’s, or Shinto extension-on-Earth Hirohito’s, a Catholic Pope’s before that group’s reformation, or Puritan-imbued Oliver Cromwell’s Gods’ Wills, or National Socialists German Workers Party’s asseveration of their genetic superiority, killing the unprotected innocents for the sake of advancing one’s or group’s political power has never been, is not now, nor will ever be any Super-Supra-Supreme Force’s Will; but only that of the inner voice of an individual psychotically-destructive episode gone spiraling, viruling, to mean rapidly out-of-control-expandingly, collective.

Once that synergism-for-mass-death starts, success means the action, emphasizing again, regardless of how horrific and heinous, represents Allah’s Will. Losing, on the other hand, can never be Allah’s Will, but only the prime indicator that the original inner voice initiating the catastrophe was actually a failure to interpret the deity correctly. In this system, to mean Islam in this instance, Allah doesn’t get it ─ or has at least been thought to be never ─ wrong. Read Sayyid Qutb, these people’s guru. He’ll explain it to you in a short essay called Milestones.

In my field, which through the resolution of individual and systemic trauma effects on identity and behavior that very caring and strategically existentially passive application to the sundered simultaneously has an intervening, thus more strategically applicable component effect upon perpetrators of those events causing that trauma. The paying attention to that perpetrator’s belief in the rightness/righteousness of his actions/cause when it is synergistically accelerating so as to expand the mob force’s efficacy is most of the strategic everything. That is and will be especially true when and if we are talking about an antagonist’s model contrived to set hysterical fire to about a billion people, and particularly those inadequately defended against being lit up by the collective psychopathy. Where Muhammad was the original creator of myriad other rationales for motivating moderates to fight, for example, the oft referenced availability of virgins in the afterlife, this use of horror was the best. It even works now thirteen centuries later as mesmerized prospective mujahidins stream out of the Continent now to join up with the new caliph. The news is even suggesting in late August, 2014, that one of the recent head choppers for reality TV, where we publish heinous examples of murder in the media, is a rapper artist from Britain.

No matter long histories of entrenched moderation, pacifism, politics of reason, pan-national borders based on demographics and allegiances, local, tribal and regional sectarianisms, or even self-interests existing at any time within that mass, if the argument is made collectively ─ which making almost always spawns out of the great explosive force of the imposed opposite of otherwise expected good (a core of psychological trauma) ─ that Allah Wills it, notably with a capital “W” and backed up with the winning combinations of success through death and particularly heinously-imposed destruction, then whatever “it” is, you, as the Muslim you were up to that moment, have to comply, or get out of the program, if even possible. That is, if it is not too late to do so.

I’m sure that all of you, including moderate Muslims, already know these things. But they had to be reiterated here to express what I believe, coming from the Etiotropic Trauma Management perspective, is happening to the world today, and why war as depicted and recommended in this article is the necessary response.

This tsunami-styled force began initially out of Medina, conquering much of everything on all sides of that town from 621AD to its eighth century explosions upon the Ottoman, north African, western European (Andalusia – Spain), the Balkans in Eastern Europe, and then a little later, a half millennium, even India and eventually everything manageable on that side of the world all the way to Indonesia. The exploding wave of psychic projection regarding what Allah ─ but actually what was the individual believer’s as predominantly led by the current caliph’s hallucinations ─ told them what they wanted, met its hallucination-stopping-therapist at Tours, France, in 732AD. There, the incoming and intendedly population-drowning tide ran into the Frenchman, Charles Martel, also called “The Hammer,” who beat that psychic force down and back, and very conclusively. Assuming its first serious introspection regarding Allah’s Will, the wave receded upon meeting that great loss of Islamic face. A couple of more big early-on European battles, osmosis-type defensive warfare with the Mongols in the Russian contiguous Stan-ending countries, and wave-both-facilitating-and-slowing intercessions by the Indians (in India), and the flood met and was dammed up tight in 1683 by Catholic Polish cavalry at Vienna.

Losing their belief in their capacities to accurately interpret Allah’s Will, the pathological psychic waters on which these hordes of terror surfed to success, receded, allowing the whole concoction to sink into the various deserts and otherwise high plains’ sands, and probably evaporating into inconsequential non-fearsomeness. In fact, when that over-indulging caliph in Turkey called for a German-supporting jihad/holy-war-anti-colonizing-British/-French-based rising of and by the faithful, but now more laid-back Mohammedans in thereabouts Greater Palestine-to-be desert, nobody showed up. That’s where, culturally and psychologically speaking, the deteriorating and finally we-just-want-to-mind-our-own-ontologically-discovering-and-moderating-spiritual-business Muslims were when Atatürk put the Western/American-styled separation-of-religion-from-public-management-lid on the psycho-aggressive, that is mass-killing-for-success element of the religion. Not complete Islamic reformation in our time, but at least was a sincere effort to initiate it.

The young Egyptian school teacher, Hasan Al Banna, however, didn’t think so, launching at the same time of the coincidentally-occurring Hebron, also Arab-oriented Jewish-pacifists-and-equally-heinous-infant-decapitating massacre and pogrom in 1928, The Brothers, that is the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. And he and they said, with the extra push from Sayyid Qutb in the 1950s, that Islam has “to get back to its basics,” Sharia-imposed Islam without the West’s/America’s separation doctrine. And let’s don’t forget the always-shock-inducing-and-nuclear-fission-reaction-and-explosion-styled psychic wave, which when ascending to tsunami strength, carried today’s Islamist ancestors on to Allah’s glory. “Don’t, too, forget the Sunnah!” the resurrectors would say, as that’s where we get our authority for all this rough and tough, as in death-of-innocence-inducing, Muslim masculinity assertiveness. Rescinding the separation doctrine from the Islamic Reformation means there is none. Psycho supremes are back in charge.

Time for another Tours and Gates of Vienna fight, and that’s just to again temporarily slow them down. Only this time, that is in this twenty-first century, we begin to nail Kemal’s coffin lid on Islamic aggressive psychic interpretiveness down shut. It’s going to in the end mean worldwide, and even interplanetary if they somehow get to Mars, separation of religion/church/mosque/synagogue/pagoda/ from state management, with freedom of non-aggressive religion pretty much everywhere as the outcome.

The supremacy psychos are NOT in charge. And you State Department-Noble-Savage-moral-relative-Islamist-enabling other nation’s consulting constitution-writers who approved that Islamic We’re-always-on-top approach to democracy, are fired.

This new summer-of-2014 caliphate presents us with an opportunity not seen with recent anti-reformist and Islamist predecessors, to mean The Brothers, al Qaeda and so forth. We can, if we are capable, destroy at once several elements of the force underpinning its ascension. Not only can we conveniently kill both its initiators and implementers, but we can put the Western-based-leftist-supporting-Stockholm Syndrome-encumbered analytical and to emphasize Islamic apologist theorists away, argumentatively-speaking, at the same time. The “highjackers-of-otherwise-Peaceful-Islam” theme will be gone for psycho-historian-debate eternity (this generation of academes), unless these peoples’ drug use continues to excuse them emotionally from this head-chopping, to mean intentionally murdering for horrific political effect, round of babies-and-attendant-natural-pacifists-mass-murder. The old “Gotta break some eggs to make an omelet” ─ the popular American academia adage that supported Lenin’s, Stalin’s, Mao’s and uncle’s Ho’s and Po’s mass murders of a hundred plus million ─ from that crowd of the traitorously deranged, is not going to work here, at least hopefully.

If Islam wants to maintain a formal place on the planet, it’s going to have to succeed at conquering everybody, or declare for reformation, just as did the Papist Catholics, and John Knox, and even more hard-headed Cromwellian, Protestants in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. And thank somebody’s Supreme Being (probably MacArthur’s) in the mid-twentieth, for militarily with prescience forcing Hirohito to resign the Japanese Emperorship from its like job of being the Shintos’ God here on earth, or at least in the Pacific.

Waiting for a Tours, or to be saved by the Polish Cavalry, or a new caliph to present in the old Cradle of Civilization, are not the only ways of fighting violence-prone-psychopathically-engineered-and-sometimes-drug-influenced perpetrators and their traumatizing systemic control applications to targets/victims/slaves/submitters and once free Stockholm Syndrome academes-wanting-deep-down-inside to be that way (to emulate, without actually having to go there, trounced lowereds), just for the experience. If while going through history you catch them during their start-up guerrilla war stages, then you can use the Etiotropic method for resolving trauma of the attacked, restoring their identities, and in so doing reversing the perpetrator’s projections of his own internal pain/disorder/dissociation and thus placing them back where they belong, upon the offending entity: itself. But that trauma-intervening methodology is best administered during significant lulls between attacks, facilitating an adequate amount of resolution activity to do the job: again for emphasis, turning perpetrator self-loathing-expressed-through-aggressiveness by psychological and physical abuse, back upon perps.

That method of perpetrator intervention works when guerrillas employ their tool, terror-causing incidents, sporadically. The push for horror’s application is facilitated through waves that have long troughs of normalcy/peace, before ascending dramatically again to the crest of re-impact. You can apply ETM during those slow times and stave off the big crescendo-like applications. However, when they are consistently coming with force to kill you, like batterers do at various and often sustained intervals with their spouses, and as declared in this more global presentation, counter physical force must be applied quickly, adamantly, and without equivocation, if the innocents are to survive. Hence, the attacked can use that more demonstrable counter to channel the aggressively, and often opined to be evil, insane toward and into reformation. That is where we are today in the summer of 2014, and have been since the Islamist attack upon our consulate in Benghazi, Libya in September, 2012.

Much is made with trauma-induced hysterical adages that “Only Muslims can reform Islam.” Referring to the Islamist side of the religion/political force, the same has been said about other natural perpetrators of criminal violence, predators, and particularly drug saturateds, also called alcoholics and illegal drug, and now even prescription medication, addicts.

Not so. Closing the doors to opportunities for projection of what internally ails them, psychologically speaking, sends them and their followers through a bottoming ─ an ending of their visions of the value of psychopathic existence through conquering-for-success ─ process.

Moreover and from the lexicon used by the linearly-legal-thinking, once a perpetrator-target relationship is established by the criminal violent act, that relationship inherently vests the attackee/target/victim, and thus representative third party civilizational management structure (courts, and etc.), in a response. That vesting, and to add the natural psychodynamic factors occurring between perps and victims, establishes that vestment, whether advocating for punishment or reformation, in the psychology of the target(s). In Behavioral or legal terms, the victim has a right, albeit still being defined in Western Civ, in the reformation technology and protocols establishing for it.

Shia Islam in Iran supports the principle of victims-to-perpetrators relationships and the formers’, again inherent, right to express themselves in the punishment or reformation process attending murder’s adjudication.  If a sentence of execution has been handed down by the court, a family surviving the homicide of one of its members may wave the sentence, cementing that inherency attending the psychic connection between perp and target.

Utilizing that developing principle of relational rights existing between attacker and attackee, where perpetration of death through murder and such occurs between the two civilizations discussed here, instead of leaving the responsibility to the less violent aspects of that reformation-struggle-contaminated collective ─ to mean in today’s jargon, “Islamic Moderates” ─ the West must and shall determine the elements of the globally aggressive component to be expunged from Dar al Islam, whether they, to mean as the conclusivists would say, either Westerner or Islamist advocate like it or not. As the additional adage goes, “It’s a big job; but somebody’s gotta do it.” And, all the cajoling in the world is not going to move the otherwise passive-natured in reforming Islam to quiet down its exclamatory brothers who are opting for the return to the old ways of doing things traditional, pre 1923 and 1683 Islam. In a world attempting to follow America’s separation doctrine administering the freedom of religion principle, guess who it will most likely be who assumes that responsibility.

I started this piece by saying that you most probably will be in this war as I’ve described its prospects here, regardless of these warnings. Here is why: If you allow these people to apply the referenced prospective guerrilla war here, in America, before we deploy to destroy their mother forces in that part of the world, it will take complete conclusion to the terror being waged here before we would be capable of mounting a response at and upon its nucleus. That will give them the victory they are seeking. It is the perception by the entire Ummah that its forces, representing Allah’s Will, have taken the war on and to the core of unbelievers, the Great Satan. And, the most important part of such offensive guerrilla war is that those administering it don’t have to remain the last combatant standing at the end of a particular fight; they only have to show up in order to prevail.

Hence, when we finally dispatch that martyred terror/guerrilla force here on our own soil, we’ll be facing an overwhelming hostile Islamic world catastrophe involving the risk of hundreds of millions of innocent, as in once peaceful and not only American men, women and children’s lives. Islam won’t be defined by a two opposing horned and simultaneously dispensing violence and peaceful coexistence; but a single-minded aggressive, capable of delivering its great hordes of believers to whichever corner of the Earth that needs them, or otherwise seems fitting. To avoid that global horror, we have no other choice but to fight now, or just head on down to the local mosque and surrender.

So unless our conglomeration of free thinking sinners in America are prepared to get down on their knees and pray in Arabic to the southeast five times a day, we will define through the application of defensive armed force — by militarily blocking the Islamists’ tsunami-Christian-baby-head-chopping-wave — the great Islamic Reformation of the Twenty-First Century. Strip Shariah of its institutionalized and supposedly supremely-ordained prejudices against the lowereds of both past and current times: women, Jews, Hindis, Buddhists, Christians, the color-and-sexually-different-coded, Zoroastrians, a few Baptists, and even some non-spiritual affiliates, that is atheists.

As the Global progresses toward becoming one big marble, it has to, and will eventually, pull the plug on Behavioral, to in this reference mean hierarchically-ordered, attempts to manage human ontology. People must be allowed to find and decide, that is without coercion, upon their individual paths to that otherwise personal, which can include relational, activity. Aside from staying alive in this particular challenge, that is what this fight is about: freedom. And as the initiators of it ─ because we took the Enlightenment to heart by paying blood for it ─ we will still win two and one-half centuries later. Hmmm . . . God Willing.

Or I guess another way of saying the near same thing: “We’ll see.”

Or, the outcome may again, and as usual, just depend on the fighting character, skill, determination, visceralness, and special care for humanity gifted to this country by the men and women of the 101st, 173rd, 82nd Airborne, reserves, Armored Army Doggies, Marines, Rangers, Navy, Air Force and all other American fighters for freedom and life, and who we, in gratitude for their sacrifice, love.


The matter before America — causing pain, suffering, grief, and the prospective and actual loss of the lives of our citizens — and then of course also eventually confronting the West as a whole civilization, presents as existential. It is time to fight for the survival of not just our freedom, but right to exist. The gist of that demand upon us stems from a process ongoing within Islam that is attempting to stop its reformation begun, originally in 1683, and then more emphatically with the 1923 dismissal by the Ottoman of the historic Caliphate.

Westerners who’ve interacted with Islam and that reform activity have concluded in the last nearly one hundred years that the reformation component presents the true face of Islam. It would aspire, we have argued, to peaceful coexistence with its neighbors, as some of them, from both or all sides, would want the same opportunity for such an unfettered life. The counter-reformists, in this article called Islamists/Islamism, have disputed that and the hoped for reality, arguing that the reform-based groups, which manifest by lots of governments, different management applications blended from the rest of the world, and tribal orders spread geopolitically across large segments of the globe, function illegitimately to the desire and interests of Allah. The West, the anti-reformers posit, exacerbates that corruption of the, and particularly their, ideal Islam. 

Building our own relationships with the apparent or would-be reformers over the past reform period has placed us through association at odds with the counter Islamic-reform group. Those relationships, anchored in Western practice of international law, economic trade, cultural values, art and the like, have also skewed our perceptions to the extent that we see the anti-reform movement as functioning antithetical to the world’s or our march toward civilization’s evolution. We’ve called them, this developing opposition, “radical,” “extreme,” “barbaric,” and “evil” because they aspire to follow the fundamentals of the religious doctrine which otherwise guided their peoples and the ones they conquered for at least a millennium before this current, alternative, and more Western-compatible approach to Islam was initiated ninety-one years ago.

Being in the minority of its own ranks, these Islamists/non-reformers have resorted to special tactics. They have included the use of terror and guerrilla warfare to encumber their adversaries, mostly wherever found. Even more recently, the anti-reformers have risen in their ranks to establish their version of Islam. In so doing, the battle methods are changing to involve set piece instruments and tactics.They own, hold, manage and thus now have to defend specific territories.

As the rest of the same religion’s followers observe this resurrection from the radical to the mainstream in both numbers and prospective influence upon the global, they are faced with a decision: change, or risk the ending of their own realities, even lives. Because the basic belief of the religion is that Allah determines all, the precept looms that the change may be so ordained, which argument weighs heavily in those decisions.

Now we in the West are faced in the year 2014 with this looming alternative perspective. We call it “dangerous” because it carries with it an axiom that we in the once old but now resurrected Dar al Harb, might have to go along with sweeping transformation. That is, to survive, we have to make a decision ourselves. Conform to the onslaught, and become one with it, or fight, which will bring an ending of either us or the would-be conquerers.

We have our own beliefs regarding the ontology of humankind and thus will likely insist upon defending them. Having gone through this theologically/religiously influenced reformation in our own world over the last millennium, we understand an answer for reconciliation to be that individuals will not be imposed upon as a matter of constitutional privilege and basic right, both notions of which are worth fighting, living and even dying for. Where we have learned on the one hand not to interfere with how other geopoliticals conduct their affairs, on the other when those conducts roll over to harm us, and especially to threaten our loved ones, closest friends, our children, we will respond abruptly taking serious note of these matters. The enemy are killing those we’ve cared for in other places and swearing to do the same here, in this case, America.

No. Where the initial assault of our once friends has rendered this country into states of shock, confusion and profound sadness, even forcing us to equivocate on defending principles of freedom and etc., that hesitancy to defend presents only temporarily. This enemy — and if reading this, to mean “you” — may not murder Americans, and particularly our children. We’ve gotten the message, understand the challenge, and no matter the always faithful questioning by the good peaceful aspects of those who comprise this nation, we will draw upon the other components of our strength that rose at places like Concord, Yorktown, San Jacinto, Gettysburg, Guadalcanal, and the Bulge, and we will meet you on the battlefield. When it is done, you are going to give up ever trying to enforce the notion, no matter how widespread and profoundly felt the belief amongst you, that Allah Wills you to cause death and destruction of, and to otherwise rule over, people who think differently from you, that is, from your theology, your religion, your way of life. If you can’t give it up, let it go, and just walk away from the call, then we will help you to do so. And although we regret the coming loss that conflict will cause for ourselves, the innocent, and the total of humankind, we will settle this matter with you once and for all here in the twenty-first century.


If you decide, America, that I am correct and that you want to follow this strategy of fighting sooner-than-later for our lives, and at the prospective profound expense of much of it, I request that you allow this civilian the privilege of attending to this matter as I believe is appropriate given this conscience and capacity. That is, please let me, with my promise to stay out of these younger men and women’s ways, go along: first in, last out.

Semper Fi

Jesse W. Collins II USMC 1964-1970

Addition to this article: September 17, 2014

Preview Phase Two


I started the previous preface to phase one with

“This essay does what those having paid leadership responsibilities in a republic-styled managed country, like America for example, should have done.”

Here, in Phase Two, is why they didn’t, or couldn’t, do their jobs; and what they must correct to be able to.

Irrespective of ideological epistemology, methodological bias, intellectual capacity, and political affiliation, United States management personnel could and did not plan for the prospects confronting America today, though, because they were made incompetent by, at least (to mean although other variables apply, those referenced here/next super-impose), a long guerrilla-waged psychological trauma-inducing war conducted with strategic systemic applications against them.

Adding that notion into this essay’s remedy, after completing Phase One, which will have to occur in order to survive in the short term, America must then do the following.

  1. Reinforce military capacity to defend this country, given the new reality — war against Islam’s violently imposing anti-reform component of its civilization.
  2. As we did at the end of WWII for Germany and Japan, construct and administer American guidelines, respectively, for and upon Islam’s reformation institutionalizing through constitutional-level recommendations an ending to those traditional Islamic promulgations that do not tolerate unfettered freedom of religion.That is, to mean rewrite Shariah.
  3. Establish an Etiotropic Trauma Management model, in this instance referring to SHOM — engineered two plus decades past for this purpose — that protects America from terrorist-/guerrilla-/perpetrator-caused psychological trauma’s deleterious influences upon its leadership’s analysis, decision making, and resulting implementation.
  4. Address political necessities and constitutional requirements for achieving steps one through three.

Those recommended implementations and supporting theories comprise Phase Two of this essay.

 © 2014
Jesse W. Collins II

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